Rose Creek Campground & Cabins

Enjoy the peaceful, quiet relaxation that awaits you…

On top of the hill, beyond  small pine bend, is the place where you’ll find the Phoenix at rest.  Gently gazing northward during the rise of the morning sun and throughout the approach of the night time star-lit sky. There are many peaceful moments to discover on her sitting porch, as the woodland critters move More»
Nestled into a small clearing is the Foxfire Cabin. Reminiscent of a vintage gypsy wagon, it offers the simplistic luxuries and comforts as if one were in a charming little traveling home. Rise with the morning sun or take momentary shelter from a passing mountain shower. Whatever your needs may be, the Foxfire offers a place More»
There is something that can happen when you find yourself within the “Yurt” experience.  It doesn’t matter whether you are family or just friends,  all who gather here can be gifted with new memorable experiences and fond memories of their special occasion to recall for a lifetime. The circular shape and open layout bring about More»
Escape the routines of ordinary life and get ready for Smokey Mountain fun! Whether you are traveling in an RV or looking for a place to tent, we have what you are looking for. Take your pick from our campsites and live out your perfectly rejuvenating camping experience! Feel the bliss of returning to nature, More»